Access and Support Scaffolding to the Construction Industry

SGB-Cape is the largest contractor in South Africa providing access scaffolding services and QuikDeck® scaffolding to the construction industry.

Construction Industry

  1. Access scaffolding

    No matter your requirements we can assist: industrial access, suspended access or building access scaffolding. The ongoing development of scaffolding systems and components, with our continuous equipment refurbishment programme improves safety and productivity on site.
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  2. QuikDeck® suspended access system

    The QuikDeck® system reduces the risks of conventional scaffolding erection and is safer, easier and more efficient. QuikDeck® also supports higher loads with a load capacity of 366kg/m².
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  3. Aluminium scaffolding

    The aluminium step frame was developed to provide a safe and secure platform for working at heights of between 2 and 3m. It is perfect for use by welders, painters or any smaller construction or maintenance work.
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Services from SGB-Cape

  • Access Scaffolding - SGB-Cape is the largest scaffolding company in Southern Africa, with a diverse product offering.
  • Thermal Insulation and Cladding - Thermal insulation and cladding systems with a temperature range of -200°C to +600°C.
  • Rope Access - Access hard-to-reach locations quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption.
  • QuikDeck® - A unique suspended access system providing a modular platform that can be quickly assembled.
  • Industrial Corrosion Protection - Specification and application of recommended industrial coatings with surface preparation.
  • Asbestos Removal - Removal of asbestos and abatement services.
  • Plastic Encapsulation - Shrink wrap encapsulation for weather protection and reduced dust, debris and noise.

Use our integrated, one-stop service and enjoy on-time and within budget delivery!