Suppliers of Access Scaffolding in Southern Africa

SGB-Cape is the largest scaffold company in Southern Africa, servicing the industry since 1948. The experience and knowledge of our employees together with the diversity of our product offerings, technical skills and design capacity remains unsurpassed.

Access and Support Scaffolding Service

All types of access scaffolding

No matter your requirements we can assist: industrial access, suspended access or building access scaffolding.

Designed by the experts

Our dedicated design department provides innovative designs with Auto-CAD drawings and supporting calculations.

Across industries

SGB-Cape has experience across diverse industries with patented industry specific solution components.

We've got you covered

Comprehensive insurance is provided for all scaffolding projects, including public events.

Safety and productivity

The ongoing development of scaffolding systems and components, with our continuous equipment refurbishment programme improves safety and productivity on site.


SGB-Cape is a member of The Institute for Work at Height (IWH).

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    The aluminium step frame was developed to provide a safe and secure platform for a single person at heights of between 2 and 3 metres. The frame is foldable allowing for easy transportation and quick assembly. The Conveyor Access Frame was specially developed for use inside Power Stations, and can be adjusted to ensure a level platform on an angled surface, with clamps to secure the unit in place. Guard rails and safety straps ensure health and safety compliance.

    Use our integrated, one-stop service and enjoy on-time and within budget delivery!