Suppliers of Fall Arrest Systems in Southern Africa

SGB-Cape has extensive expertise and specialises in the installation and product delivery of fall arrest systems in the working at heights market. Our staff combine technical experience with a passion for safety and quality to advise you on the correct fall arrest solutions.

Fall Arrest Systems Service

Fall Arrest System Types

SGB-Cape’s Fall Arrest Systems service includes the supply and installation of fall arrest anchor points, horizontal and vertical lifelines, and a range of personal protective equipment, including full body harnesses, lanyards, and energy absorbers.

Across industries

SGB-Cape’s team of experienced and qualified technicians is equipped to install fall arrest systems in a wide range of environments, including difficult-to-access areas such as rooftops and high-rise buildings, boilers, and offshore platforms – to name a few.

We've got you covered

All equipment and components we supply are manufactured to the highest industry standards and are independently tested to ensure their performance and reliability.

Safety and productivity

The fall arrest systems service is a comprehensive solution that ensures that employees of the construction, mining and oil and gas sectors are protected from falls.

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