Plastic Encapsulation

Site Containment Services in Southern Africa

SGB-Cape are specialists in all aspects of scaffolding and site containment using shrink wrap encapsulation, providing you with a one-stop solution.

Plastic Encapsulation

Shrink wrap encapsulation

SGB-Cape utilises VERISAFE, a world leading quality shrink wrap material delivering improved strengths and aesthetics to any contract or application.

What is site containment?

For projects that produce residue, dust and debris, site containment is necessary to contain environmental pollution and harm to the public. Site containment also provides protection against the weather.

Across industries

Containment systems are required for asbestos removals, demolitions, blasting and painting, temporary roofs and canopies.

Safety and productivity

Site containment through shrink wrap encapsulation improves on-site productivity and safety.

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