QuikDeck® Services in Southern Africa

The QuikDeck® Suspended Access System provides a modular platform that can be assembled from just a few basic components and configured to fit almost any shape or size.

QuikDeck® Service

Unique design

QuikDeck® can be built in the air or on the ground and then hoisted into position. The equipment can be leapfrogged and relocated as work progresses, providing an even and stable work platform.

Why use QuikDeck®?

The system reduces the risks of conventional scaffolding erection and is safer, easier and more efficient. QuikDeck® also supports higher loads with a load capacity of 366kg/m².

Across industries

QuikDeck® has been used in construction and repair of bridges; offshore platform painting; construction and maintenance of boilers; industrial pipe racks, painting and repair.

Safety and productivity

Our specially trained team ensure that platforms are built safely and efficiently. QuikDeck® is a product from US scaffolding leader Safway, and meets all USA federal safety and health requirements.

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